Success is not a one-man show

Man is a socially conditioned animal. Together we are strong, alone we are – alone. Whether we reach our full level of potential and productivity is largely linked to the people we have around us on a daily basis: managers, colleagues and customers. Yet we rarely choose each other, those who recruit do that. Even still, it is expected to work – co-creation.

In an increasingly self-centered world, it is important to be reminded that no working group is stronger than the weakest link. Growth and success is not a one-man show.

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Content of the lecture

Manipulation and suppression, favouritism, talking behind backs and making jokes at the expense of others are commonplace in many workplaces. Social behaviours that exclude, isolate and inhibit individuals as well as creativity, competitiveness and well-being.

During a gripping and boosting lecture that touches on what happens in the meeting room, conversations at the coffee machine and on to the corridors in the workplace, Mary leads us
to see how we can be better for each other and at the same time increasing the company’s potential.

Inspiration, boosting, knowledge and self-insight are interspersed when Mary lectures on how we get further – together.

You will get the tools for and knowledge about

  • how you can build and strengthen the behaviours that elevate both the individual and the organisation.
  • how to strengthen your and others' self-leadership and self-esteem.
  • how to identify unhealthy power structures that eat up the company's potential.
  • to understand, increase and bring to life empathy and potential in an inclusive approach.
Book the lecture: Success is not a one-man show

”It begins with you and I every day!”

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