Mary Juusela

Mary Juusela was born in Bangalore, India and was adopted by Finnish parents in Sweden at 20 months old. Growing up, she was exposed to exclusion because of her origins. Her own experiences gave rise to a curiosity about the effects of exclusion. To find out, she conducted the world-unique study Stolen Identity.

Mary has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Södertörn University and a Master of Science in General Management from the Stockholm School of Economics. She has also worked in international aid for 11 years.

Today, Mary is an esteemed lecturer and educator in values, tolerance and human sustainability. She lectures on human behaviour and on how individuals and groups go further by being inclusive and empathetic. When Mary inspires the youngest generation, it is through the social education company Lika Olika.

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The speaker

Gripping Lectures

The speaker and tolerance expert Mary Juusela takes her audience with her on gripping and inspiring journeys in values, attitudes, prejudices, jargon, tolerance and civil courage. Prepare to look at yourself, you colleagues and fellow human beings through new eyes.

Mary’s lectures


Insightful stories

As a writer, Mary Juusela takes you under the skin of some of the biggest and most intimate existential issues of identity, belonging, family life and mood. With her books, she delivers insightful stories that contribute to a greater understanding of herself for an even better life.

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The study

700 families over a 10-year period

During a 10-year period, Mary stayed with 700 random Swedish families to build up a picture of the fundemental psycological factors that mean we either include or exclude others. The results show how crucial good social skills and attitudes are for our level of potential, productivity and health. The study is the basis for the Lika Olika method.

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The school educator

Inspiring the next generation

Civil courage, respect, careful language, empathy and self-leadership are deficient social skills in many homes. The same goes for many schools. Every day, educators and school leaders struggle to create a good learning environment with room for everyone. To develop
the school’s values and inspire the next generation and educators, in empathy, school educator Mary Juusela trains schools in the Lika Olika method.

Mary’s work in schools

Said about Mary

Nominations and prices

Star entrepreneur of the year
2nd place in Sweden 2018.
Star entrepreneur of the year
Winner in Norra Stor-Stockholm 2018.
Inspirer of the year
Winner of Damernas stora pris, Upplands-Bro 2016.
Supertalant of the year
Winner, one of 100 super talents, of Veckans business awards 2013.
Årets uppstickare
Winner, one of 100 super entrepreneurs, from network Shortcut 2013.
Paul Harris Fellow
Winner of the Rotary Internationals prize 2016.
Nelson Mandela-price
Nominated 2015.
Nominated 2015.

Some more things Mary is proud of

For Mary, it is important to be seen in contexts that mean something to her personally. To help what she believes in, for real. The following collaborations/honorary assignments are these and, of course, are voluntary.


Goodwill Ambassador for the jewellery Believe in her! by the Swedish jewellery company
Edblad. The jewellery sales support Plan International Sweden’s work so that all girls have
the right to live a life that is safe, good and full of opportunities.

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Swedish Tourist Association

Board member of the long-standing, popular Swedish Tourist Association (STF) that promotes tourism in Sweden. It is an extra privilege to experience as she spends 150 days per year touring around the country in her work educating adults and children.

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