I’m not my skin colour

“No, I do not want to hold a Negro in my hand, said the boy next to her during morning assembly at preschool.”

During 15 years of growing up, Mary experienced racism in all its forms and it started already in preschool with the boy who refused to hold her hand.

Racism is for many a difficult subject to discuss but it is urgent and on-topic. Opinions about different values of people create different conditions in workplaces everywhere, which, in turn, affects both well-being and results.

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The lecture’s content

During the lecture, you and Mary will travel through the history of racism to the present day, sharing knowledge about international and national leading figures, learn the spirit of recognised concepts and bring with you a strengthening attitude if you are exposed to, drawn into or practicing racism.

Above all, during the lecture you get to ‘feel’ how racism can be experienced by the recipient as Mary alternates expertise with self-experienced experiences. In an inviting and emotional
way, Mary leads the participants through the most basic things about racism that everyone who works with a multicultural mix of colleagues or customers will value understanding.

You will get the tools for and knowledge about

  • what racism is.
  • how racism feels.
  • what unconscious bias is.
  • how prejudices and values ​​arise.
  • what we can do when racism occurs in the workplace.
  • how to support a colleague/manager who is exposed to racism.
  • how we can eliminate racism in the workplace.
  • your role in racism in the workplace.
Book the lecture: I’m not my skin colour

”It begins with you and I every day!”

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