Emotions build the bottom line

When you step into the workplace, you do not do it as a title, a project, an employee, a manager or a salary level. Nor is it as the number of kilograms on the scales, a diagnosis or a sexual orientation. Instead, you meet your colleagues with your heart pounding, wanting to be accepted, respected and above all – included.

We are all human beings and human beings are governed by their emotions. It is our emotions that determine what is finally on the bottom line of the results report. How do we become our full potential? How can we strengthen the bottom line results together?

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The lecture’s content

This lecture highlights the individual’s role in the context and how all employees have their part in creating an inclusive and tolerant company culture.

Together with Mary, the journey deep into what makes us human – our emotions – begins. How do people work? What is group psychology? How are our emotions linked to how well we reach our full potential? What do my colleagues and managers have to do with my level of potential, productivity and health?

You will get the tools for and knowledge about:

  • how human needs control your ability to fulfill your potential.
  • how humans are socially conditioned herd animals that need others to reach full ROI.
  • how your colleagues have a mandate over your level of productivity.
  • how your emotions either help or hinder your focus on work.
  • why empathy and compassion are directly linked to the company's profitability.
  • the business potential of an innovation culture sprung from humanity.
Book the lecture Emotions build the bottom line

”It begins with you and I every day!”

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